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A NEW HORIZON for STEAK 21. Restaurant Interior Design

“A great feel”, “Wow I want to be there”,”So intriguing”, customers commented after seeing the place.  Ideal for a restaurant to have that kind of comments from their customers. art design into reality, bringing coziness to the next level, a beauty and emotional driven.  Restaurant is a place to enjoying and break from a daily routine, a meeting place, having fun with friends, gathering with relatives, family reunion and dating.  Emotion and feeling created by the ambiance of  restaurant can determine a romance,  and as final result build memory and level of satisfaction of eating occasion.  Lighting level, airy feel, raised floor, decorated ceiling, wall finished, floor surface, color scheme and furniture are the important aspects that give the mood.  The theme of the restaurant is taken from the initial restaurant conceptual.  It is critical to transform the restaurant class and target market into the interior and architectural idea.  This is need an experience and wide horizon of designer who understand in restaurant business.


AKG Jakarta, specialized in interior design for restaurant business

We will help you to boost up your business by setting a new perspective.  A changing feel and emotion for your customers.  Definitely a break trough. Building it art and giving a feel and emotion.

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Steak 21 Living World Alam Sutra Serpong by AKG Jakarta


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